Member and Website Management for Organizations

Specially crafted for membership based organizations
such as churches, non-profits, clubs and associations.

Ascribe is an online CRM and website builder.

It also lets you do email marketing and donations tracking.

It’s easy to use and really affordable! Ascribe helps your staff do their jobs quicker, easier and efficiently.

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Person Profile

Web Based. Always On. No Installation.

Ascribe is web-based so you can access it using any browser on any computer or tablet device with an internet connection. Work from home, office or cafe. Take Ascribe on the road using a 4G enabled iPad.

No need to wait for office hours. The Ascribe service is alway on. With time-proven, reliable hosting services powering Ascribe, you can rely on our uptime.

No need to install any software. We've done already done it. Enjoy.

Everyone on the Same Page

Still using file folders and sticky notes? Confused as to which Excel spreadsheet is most current? Each department maintaining their own mailing list?

Ascribe lets you maintain a single contact database for your entire organization. When you call someone, you won't have to wonder if you're dialing the most current phone number you have, organization-wide.

Get work done, no-fuss and quickly.

Ascribe has a myriad of functions designed to minimize your effort maintaining data. It lets you save time so you devote more energy towards connecting with people.

  • Contact database with households
  • Track people's special interests, hobbies, activities, experiences
  • Do a search and print out reports
  • Keep notes for each person
  • Track a person's progress on a goal with deadlines for follow-up
  • Manage events and take attendance
  • Put people into groups
  • Enter donations and print tax-deductible giving statements
  • Build and maintain a website
  • Let members sign up online to update their contact info and download giving statements
  • Store and share files, securely
  • Send email campaigns
  • Print mailing labels and mail-merged letters
  • Easily customize any text to match your organization's specific needs
Notes for each person

Person Notes

Maintain a record of private notes for each person. Flag notes for certain users to see when they sign in.

Who is this, again?

You might be someone who never forgets a face. Then you'll appreciate that Ascribe lets you upload photos to a person's profile. Unlimited photos are allowed per person, household or group.

Store photos on people, groups and households
Todo Module

Tasks, To Do Lists

Each staff person and volunteer can track their own todo items. Edit due dates right from the listing.


Empower each group or department with online tools to manage information, assign tasks, print labels, send email and build community.

Empower each group with powerful tools
Finance Module

Track Donations

Securely track financial giving for each person and household.

Giving Statements

Distribute tax-deductible statements via the web by creating a private members area on your website.

Web Page Module
Track attendance across your entire organization

Event and Attendance

Track events across your entire organization sponsored by various groups or departments. Ascribe supports event attendance taking, online registration and absentee tracking.

Document and File Storage

Securely store documents, images and any type of computer file. Organize files into unlimited folders with a distinct icon. Configure folders to send automatic notifications upon certain conditions.

File Module
Goal Module


Ascribe's goal module allows you to track a person's progress toward achieving any number of goals established by your organization. Each goal may have multiple steps which when the goal is initiated for a person schedules out a series of target deadlines.

Step by Step Goal Progress Tracking

Track people's progress within the goal by step.

Goal Steps
Language Module

Customize Any Text

Any text within Ascribe can be easily edited to whatever you like. Translate to other languages with the help of an online translation service. Ascribe can support many different languages.

Mailing Labels

Easily print out mailing labels or name tags by letting Ascribe generate PDF documents for you.

Print Mailing Labels
Export to Excell

Be Master of Your Own Data

Export data to Microsoft Excel or text file from almost every module.

Import data yourself

Upload your pre-existing member database using common file formats to quickly import your membership into Ascribe.

People Import Tool
Mass Person Update Tool

Mass Person Update

Update many people records at once based on certain conditions. Or initiate goals or other actions based on search conditions.

Website Builder

Organize and publish web pages.

Web Page Module
Members Area

Private Members Only Website

Publish a members area for your website with a custom "look and feel" to match your web design. Let your members sign up for accounts to update their own member information, browse a member directory, register for events, download their giving statements and more.

Online Forms

Create forms to capture inquiries from your website. Reply to people who use the form. Use data from the form to create or update person records. Instruct Ascribe to perform automatic actions upon form submission (e.g., send an email, create a task, delete submission, etc.).

Custom Online Forms
Preferences for Dates and Numbers

Customize Settings

Set Ascribe to use your preferred date, time and telephone formats and currency symbol.

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